Midjourney is an AI art generation tool created by independent lab researches, allowing users to create realistic art using textual prompts.

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An independent research lab that specializes in conjuring up images based on NLP commands, called "Prompts", Midjourney, in simple terms, is an AI art generator.

Ever since its inception, it's become the go-to application for artists, content creators, and various other users that want to generate visually realistic-looking art using creative commands, eliminating the need to hire artists or graphic designers for corporations and enterprises alike.

In the backend, this tool uses AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing to create images using textual prompts.

Being founded by David Holz, it's quickly become the go-to platform for users and currently has a team of 11 people behind the curtains.

Best Features Of Midjourney

Midjourney Community Showcase

Ever since the advent of Midjourney V5, online users have a plethora of features to look out for, and I've compiled some of the best down below for you to get a rough overview of what's to come when you hop on the Midjourney wave.  

  • Photorealistic images using simple prompts
  • Easy integration with Discord
  • Price plans that work with every use case
  • Free trial (Though it’s currently disabled, and occasionally is made active during events)
  • 4 different variations with every generated image
  • Can be used for commercial purposes

Tools Similar To Midjourney

If you're on the lookout for tools that are similar to Midjourney, I've got you covered.

Here's a list of tools that are quite similar to Midjourney.


DALL-E works similarly to Midjourney, except that where Midjourney works primarily through Discord, DALL-E is an online AI image generator where users can come, use prompts, and get their desired image output.

In terms of NLP, it's quite the same as Midjourney, and users can use natural and descriptive language for their model to be able to generate images.  


Formerly known as mini-DALL E, creates hand-drawn-looking, realistic images based on textual prompts. What I really like about Craiyon is that there are no external advertisements on their site, so users won't be constantly bugged with an infinite amount of ads while they're generating images.

Stable Diffusion

Compared to Midjourney and DALL-E, Stable Diffusion offers lesser features, but it's still a great platform if you want text-to-image generation.

Still, they've got generous donations from companies like Stability AI and LAION, and have been able to train their models on a plethora of datasets from the LAION-5B database.

How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

Though they occasionally have a free trial feature that is made active from time to time, This AI tool is a paid tool that lets you generate images based on text.

Currently, they have a total of three paid plans, which are explained as follows:

  • Basic Plan($10/month) - 3.3 hours of fast GPU time a month.
  • Standard Plan($30/month) - 15 hours of fast GPU time a month.
  • Professional Plan ($60/month) - 30 hours of fast GPU time a month.