Six 15.AI Alternatives You Need To Try Out Today!
Six 15 AI Alternatives You Need To Try Out Today!

Six 15.AI Alternatives You Need To Try Out Today!

Stay Ahead Of AI

Artificial intelligence and speech synthesis have been going hand in hand for a while now. I've made several posts regarding the realistic voices that some of the AI voice generators on the web are spewing out.

In that same context, we've had tools like 15 AI blow up on the internet, as they've made generating voice, voice cloning, and getting a lifelike human voice from nothing but a script quite easier than ever before.

Though, for reasons unknown, 15 AI is frequently unavailable, which, although makes sense since it's free, and nothing in the modern world comes without a cost.

In today's blog post, I'll be talking about the following tools that make for good 15 AI alternatives, as I've tried and tested these services myself:

  • Murf AI
  • Lovo AI
  • Play.HT
  • Revoicer
  • FakeYou AI
  • Resemble AI

Keep on reading, and find out how these AI voice generator tools can be of great use, and how you can use them to get ahead of the competition!

What Exactly Is 15 AI?

To begin with a brief overview, 15 AI is a free online text to speech software that was in the works when its creator, who remains anonymous, was at MIT. Its anonymity element was one of the reasons why 15 AI gained so much traction on the internet.

Nevertheless, despite its anonymity, has been regarded as among the best free AI voice generators due to its realistic speech voices, and how well the overall speech software works as a whole, considering there are no costs involved. The developer who developed 15 AI goes under the pseudonym "15", which is where the name of the platform comes from.

I've rarely ever seen a free tool that inhabits voice cloning as a product feature, and 15 AI is among the few that allow users to clone their own voice without any hassle. This platform has a range of lifelike voices to choose from, which go from sounding like Barack Obama to almost any other character or celebrity you can think of.

Best 15 AI Alternatives

Before 15.AI started going down for a major period, it was once one of the go-to platforms for both individuals and companies that needed quick and easy voice generation in multiple languages.

Though, there are a lot of promising platforms on the internet that are now providing similar, or in some cases, even better services to clients on the internet, and I've reviewed these alternatives to 15 AI down below for you to read through.

Murf AI

Murf Ai Homepage

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